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TLC ends with Bray Wyatt burning to death, apparently

How the hell would WWE follow up that incredible Roman Reigns/Kevin Owens match at tonight’s (Sun., Dec. 20, 2020) TLC pay-per-view (PPV) at the ThunderDome at Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, Florida?

A Firefly Inferno match, of course.

They didn’t give us any sort of idea of what a “Firefly Inferno” match actually is going into it. Instead, we learned about 10 minutes in that the winner would be determined by whoever set any part of their opponent on fire first.

The fire was contained all around the ring just beyond the barricade. When either of the two would hit an impactful move, the flames would shoot out. It looked a bit silly, unless you like such things.

They set up a few tease spots, like Wyatt putting Orton in his wood chair and leading a trail of gasoline to it, but didn’t pay it off. The two went back-and-forth for a while until The Fiend slapped the mandible claw on and Orton simply turned him around and backed him into the flames. That was supposed to be the end of the match, and then the bell didn’t ring. It was very confusing.

Wyatt, for his part, ran into the ring while still on fire, and took an RKO.

The fire burned out, at which point Orton went and got more gasoline and poured it all over Bray’s lifeless body in the middle of the ring. Then he lit a match and very dramatically dropped it on him.

Wyatt’s body burned as the flames raged outside the ring.

Orton posed in the aisle.

The show faded to black.

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