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WWE TLC 2020 results: The Hurt Business make it a bad day for New Day

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The New Day couldn’t get into their usual pre-big match vibe at TLC... it’s just not the same without Big E.

They were able to come hot out of the gate in their Raw Tag title defense against The Hurt Business. Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston were all over Cedric Alexander at the bell, and forced Shelton Benjamin to make an early save.

MVP helped Ced rehydrate while Shelty got their team back into the match. All four men stayed involved as this one was fast-paced and filled with bad blood.

The Hurt Business took control and Woods played face-in-peril, because basic tag psychological dictates as much. Kofi came in hot, and capitalized on a poorly executed tandem move to get a nearfall after an SOS on Alexander.

Xavier saved his partner after he took a brainbuster from Cedric. After Benjamin and Woods brawled to the outside, it then looked like Benjamin had it won after superplexing Kingston. But Ced tagged himself in, hit an already stunned Kofi with the Lumbar Check, and that was it.

United States champ Bobby Lashley came out to join the new Raw Tag champs. The Hurt Business has all the gold... are they all on the same page? Benjamin didn’t look thrilled to be shown up by Alexander yet again.

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