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NXT’s Pat Patterson tribute will make you teary eyed

The wrestling world was shaken this morning when it was learned one of their greats in Pat Patterson died.

NXT opened their show tonight in tribute, with the roster and producers standing onstage in silence. This led into a very touching video that will very likely make you misty watching it. I know it did for me.

The use of Frank Sinatra’s My Way was perfect, given Patterson’s known love of karaoke and that song in particular. The video consisted of the Hall of Fame wrestler and producer throughout his illustrious career. There were images of him with men like Freddie Blassie and Andre the Giant, traveling the world. But what hit the heart strings the most were the numerous shots of him having a laugh with his colleagues, something many specifically mentioned when sharing memories of the legend earlier today.

Once again, all of us here at CagesideSeats express our condolences to Pat’s friends and family.

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