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Raw’s TV numbers drop without Survivor Series hype

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The past two weeks have been good for Raw. Drama around the brand’s top title and heading into & coming out of a “Big 4” PPV will do that.

On Mon., Nov. 30, WWE and USA were mostly just promoting a #1 contender’s match. The next PPV was weeks away, and Monday Night Football had a fairly compelling game between two very popular teams.

It showed up in the numbers, which dropped from where things had been on Nov. 16 and 23. The show averaged 1.74 million viewers across three hours, down 4% from the week before. In the 18 - 49 year old demographic, Raw scored 0.53 rating in 18-49, down 7% from the 23rd.

Those are pretty standard December drops, though. They don’t have much booked for the road to TLC yet, but if they can hang around here until January and the Royal Rumble build, they’ll likely be happy.

Here were the hourly audience breakdowns, which followed the usual pattern:

Hour one: 1.83 million
Hour two: 1.76 million
Hour three: 1.63 million

Get results and the live blog from Raw this week here. Read a review of the night’s events here. For highlights from the show click here.

Data courtesy Showbuzz Daily