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Pat Patterson: Karaoke God

The news of Pat Patterson’s death has saddened the entire wrestling world today (Dec. 2).

One of the reasons it’s hitting friends, co-workers, and fans so hard is because, cliché as it sounds, Patterson always seemed so full of life. It’s evident in the backstage videos we’ve seen of him over his decades working at WWE, and really brought to life in some of the memories being shared by those that loved him.

Something in particular that stands out, and really gives us a sense of what a good spirit Pat had, is the repeated mentions of his singing. Specifically, numerous people have mentioned how much they loved seeing Patterson do his favorite tunes at karaoke.

It only seemed fitting to celebrate his amazing life with a thread dedicated to something he loved, and that brought so many of his co-workers and fans joy.

He lived a life that’s full
He traveled each and every highway
But more, much more than that
Pat Patterson did it his way

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