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Zayn went full Tom Cruise on a stagehand over Sami Awards screw-up

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I miss seeing Sami Zayn working long matches as a never-say-die babyface. But I’ll be damned if the man isn’t equally entertaining as a chickenshit heel who sneaks his way out of most of his bouts and gets more screen time for comedy segments like The Sami Awards he hosted on SmackDown last night (Dec. 18).

Those were going quite well, as Zayn took home the Comeback and Match of the Year awards. But then Big E somehow claimed the Sami for Superstar of the Year, and the Intercontinental champ got his butt kicked, too!

The Champion of the People was understandably upset, and he headed to Talking Smack to demand answers.

Likely as payback for Sami crashing her show, and because we all know she’s jealous of him anyway, Kayla Braxton leaked this clip of Zayn going off on a stagehand about the Big E mix-up.

Kayfabe aside, if that sounds at all familiar, it’s clearly because Sami is doing a riff on the Tom Cruise audio that leaked this week of the Mission: Impossible 7 star going off on the movie’s crew for not following COVID protocols on set.

FYI - Zayn’s version is PG. Cruise’s is definitely not.

I may miss matches like his classic with Shinsuke Nakamura or his promotion-spanning rivalry with Kevin Owens, but Zayn’s current schtick lets him show off more of his creativity. Stuff like the Samis and this rant are great examples of it.