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Bayley sneakily gave Booker T the finger on Talking Smack

Sure, the special edition of Talking Smack that aired on FS1 last night (Dec. 19) didn’t give us the indirect exchange between The Rock and Paul Heyman we’d booked in our heads. But it was not without its charms.

Take Bayley’s trip to the show’s main set. The Role Model was having a great night! She beat Bianca Belair. Sure, it took a rake of the eyes, but that’s just a savvy veteran move. Then she celebrated with some of Carmella’s champagne and headed over to the post-show.

At the desk with Kayla Braxton, Paul Heyman & Booker T, Heyman made doe eyes at Bay and generally put her over big time:

Things were going so well! Then that Grinch Booker T had to revisit his old critique about the longest reigning SmackDown Women’s champion in history. So you know what he gets? Bird is the word.

The heel gimmick Bayley has mastered this year is very much the extension of the babyface one we knew for so long. She’s grown from an enthusiastic child-like character to a petulant teen. And responding to an older person or authority figure you think is disrespecting you by scratching your nose - or holding your microphone - with your middle finger up is exactly the kind of thing cranky teenagers do.

Now excuse me while I join Heyman in fawning over Bayley.

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