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WWE reportedly close to re-signing Riddle to $1.2 million extension

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It’s been an eventful for 2020 for Matt Riddle. The former mixed martial artists was one of NXT’s most popular male Superstars in the third year of his initial WWE contract. It was no surprise when he was promoted to the main roster this summer. It was a surprise when he was accused of sexual assault during the #SpeakingOut movement at the same time.

That led to a denial & public confession of adultery and an ongoing civil legal battle. It’s unclear what role if any it’s played in his booking. Riddle (WWE dropped his first name a couple months ago) has been a persistent presence on television, but despite an early win over AJ Styles, he’s remained firmly in the mid-card.

This week’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter has an item which indicates the company isn’t concerned about the allegations or the lawsuits. Dave Melter reports WWE and Riddle are close to a new three year contract with a $400,000 downside guarantee. The wrestler would also earn 50K for every Saudi Arabian show he works between now and 2024 (Riddle’s current contract runs through next August).

Earlier this week, Meltzer said Vince McMahon finds Riddle’s stoner act entertaining even though he doesn’t get it. He also said McMahon doesn’t see him as a main eventer, but does see him as valuable TV performer.

One worth at least $1.2 million, apparently.

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