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Ben Carter’s WWE rollout started with a rub from Seth Rollins

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It struck us as a little odd that Ben Carter wasn’t announced along with WWE’s latest Performance Center class earlier this month.

Turns out that was because the company was planning on giving the youngster a spotlight all to himself. It looks like the wrestler who impressed so many during his appearances for AEW this fall will be a big deal for NXT UK.

It was on that brand’s Dec. 17 episode that WWE made official the news Miro broke on his Twitch steam in October - Carter’s signed with WWE. A video package started his rollout, and featured NXT UK stars, Nigel McGuinness, William Regal and Seth freaking Rollins singing his praises:

As mentioned in the video, Carter trained at Rollins & Marek Brave’s Black & Brave Academy in Iowa, so the rub from the Grand Slam champ isn’t out of nowhere.

Carter is already looking forward to the day when he’ll get to work with his sensei again, with this tweet winking at a similar promise from some guys he could have worked with if he’d signed with AEW:

Seth probably won’t be working a program in NXT UK, so the rejoicing would come after with a call-up to Raw or SmackDown, too.

How long with Carter spend at the London PC? Is he tweeting checks he won’t be able to cash in the future?

We’re looking forward to finding out.