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Chad Gable is pushing Otis to his physical limits at Alpha Academy

For some reason, WWE decided to split up Heavy Machinery in October’s draft. Tucker then betrayed Otis and became a 24/7 champion and jobber on Raw. WWE never booked a match for Otis to get revenge on his former partner.

Instead, Otis has quickly moved on to a new team, this time with Chad Gable. This is great news for Gable, formerly known as Shorty G, because he gets to star in entertaining videos like this one where he is trying to inspire Otis to do his first ever pull-up:

It looks like Alpha Academy is getting the results that Gable wants for Otis. And hey, it comes with the added benefit of allowing Gable to blame any of their losses in the ring on Otis for not having his focus in the right place.

I’m pretty sure that Otis was better off as the star of Heavy Machinery who picked up a singles win at WrestleMania earlier this year before going on to win the Money in the Bank contract. But if there is anything to the rumor that Vince McMahon thinks Otis’ work in the ring is not up to snuff, this a decent fallback gimmick for Otis until he makes whatever adjustment McMahon is looking for.

What do you think Gable has in store next for Otis at Alpha Academy?

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