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Elias is no longer angry about part-timers taking spots from younger talent

Elias was interviewed this week on Lilian Garcia’s Chasing Glory podcast. He spoke about what it was like working with Undertaker at Madison Square Garden, and admitted that he used to get angry when he was cast aside to make room for part-timers like Undertaker, Kane, and Shawn Michaels:

“When they would come back, I would get personally offended by that. And the reason would be, I should either be in there with those guys and learning from, and they should be passing on the knowledge, or they just shouldn’t be there. Because it’s the new guys’ time. That’s how I felt, and I had a little bit of anger towards that generation. I’m thinking, hey I’m getting the loudest reactions out there, and I’m the new guy, and I’m the young guy. And here come these guys and they take spots at WrestleMania. They take spots at big pay-per-views. And Elias is shoved to the side, for whatever reason. So I had an anger about that and I thought...can they just not help out, or step aside?

And then I saw [The Last Ride documentary] with Undertaker...and you come to find out how he’s aware of that as well. He knows the young guys want his spot, and he also knows he’s got to let this go some time. And he’s been through the ringer, his body has been through it. But he just loves the business so much, and you can relate to that...Let me put myself in this situation. Getting paid incredibly well, one of the best of all-time, the fans just absolutely go insane for the guy. So then it softens to me to go, ‘Oh, I get it.’ And I don’t have that anger that I did have before.”

It’s interesting to hear this perspective from a wrestler who is still trying to rise up the card in WWE and is far from a a made man. Vince McMahon has made such a habit of bringing in part-time wrestlers like Goldberg, Shane McMahon, Undertaker, Kurt Angle, Brock Lesnar, and others, and it can easily squeeze wrestlers in Elias’ position off the card.

The Last Ride docuseries helped Elias see what this situation looks like from Undertaker’s perspective, which has alleviated some of his anger. But he might gave to get used to trying to keep that anger at bay, because there isn’t much reason to think that Vince McMahon is going to change course any time soon, particularly with Goldberg’s name currently rumored for a possible WrestleMania main event with Roman Reigns. In that sense, maybe Elias has accepted that it’s futile to expect WWE’s strategy to change, and he’s trying his best to cope with that reality.

What do you think about Elias’ perspective on part-time stars taking away his spot?

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