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Sasha Banks explains how you can make Evolution 2 and Queen of the Ring happen in 2021

Sasha Banks is a trailblazer who is always looking to achieve the impossible. The list of what’s seemingly impossible to accomplish in WWE should not include a sequel to 2018’s women-only Evolution pay-per-view, but we’ve been waiting for more than three years with nothing to show for it.

Unlike Evolution, there has never been a Queen of the Ring tournament in WWE, and it’s well beyond time that WWE figures out how to make that happen too.

Naturally, Sasha Banks has big ambitions to turn both of these dreams into reality. During an interview that was posted on ProSieben MAXX’s Instagram, The Boss explains that her booking plans for Evolution 2 could include some Queen of the Ring tournament matches:

“A Queen of the Ring tournament on a whole pay-per-view for itself would be really freakin’ cool. But I’ve been waiting for Evolution 2 for a very long time. So maybe we can do that first, and maybe we can [start matches] at Evolution 2 for the Queen of the Ring tournament. Maybe something like that can happen.”

It’s one thing to fantasy book a wrestling event, but the hard part is turning that idea into reality. That’s why Banks is appealing to you, dear reader, to do your part to bring Evolution 2 and a Queen of the Ring tourney to life:

“But that’s up to you. You guys have to tweet Vince [McMahon]...make sure you keep on tweeting him so we can have that in 2021.”

There you go Cagesiders, it’s that straightforward. Start tweeting at Vince and maybe we can see the talented women in WWE make history again on pay-per-view in 2021.

Do you think WWE is going to deliver on one or both of these landmark events next year?

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