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Boa and Xia Li have been tortured for weeks now

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Week’s back, we updated you on an odd story regarding Xia Li and Boa.

The brief summary is they fear a powerful woman and, by proxy, the older man that serves her. They were taken to a warehouse by the man and have been tortured for weeks with this unknown woman watching.

Xia has undergone water torture. Boa has been brutalized by a kendo stick. All as this mysterious lady watches.

It all continued this week.

For Boa, it was physical torture. The man was beaten until he was begging for it to end. For Xia, it was mental. She was forced to deliver the beating, clearly against her will, weeping as she did. It was all a bit uncomfortable.

After weeks of torture porn, it’s time to finally get to the reveal. There’s only so much these two can take and we’ve been in a holding pattern. Will this great evil possibly be revealed at the upcoming special bearing a similar name in New Year’s Evil?

You can find all the results from tonight’s episode at the live blog here.