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Slammys host R-Truth? Slammys host R-Truth!

We were already pretty excited about the return of The Slammy Awards next. We wrestling fans love nostalgia and arguing about opinions, so WWE handing out best-of trophies for the first time since 2015 was always going to be a hit in our books.

But with this reveal on The Bump this morning, our excitement level for the Christmas Eve Eve awards show just grew:

R-Truth has been one of the consistent bright spots of WWE programming for a while now, so his getting the spotlight next Weds., Dec. 23 as Slammys host is alright by us.

Could get awkward if he doesn’t win “Rivalry of the Year” (check out all the categories and nominees here), but it’s worth the risk. This also makes it pretty likely there will be a 24/7 title defense on the broadcast, which seems like a good way to liven things up.

Are you as excited to see R-Truth hand out some little golden dudes slamming other little golden dudes as I am?

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