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Ric Flair says WWE is building a physical Hall of Fame

WWE Network

Since its creation in 1993, the WWE Hall of Fame has existed as a way for the company to honor notable figures from its past, sell tickets to a WrestleMania week event, and give fans something to argue over.

There have rumors about plans to turn it into an actual destination where inductees can be enshrined and fans can view historical exhibits & memorabilia. On occasion WWE officials have commented on the idea, but never as more than an idea that’s under consideration.

It’s probably best to not book plans to visit a WWE Hall of Fame off this news item. Ric Flair is a two-time Hall of Famer, and he undoubtedly has numerous sources at the company via his daughter Charlotte and his relationships with the McMahons & others. But he’s also been known to tell a few tall tales.

Anyway, Flair was on ESPN’s The Jump yesterday (Dec. 15) to promote his new Adidas collaboration with NBA Superstar (and WWE Battlegrounds DLC) Damian Lillard. He and host Rachel Nichols got to talking about some of the robes which inspired the sneakers’ design, and that’s when Naitch said:

“I’ve had like 36 or 38 [robes] and [the gold one the Dame7 shoes are based on] was one of my favorite robes. WWE is actually in the process of building a Hall of Fame, a physical structure in Orlando. It’s been delayed too, due to COVID. They wanted to put [the gold robe] in there as something I wore.”

It certainly could be true. Orlando has been mentioned as a possible home for a physical Hall before. It’s basically WWE’s second headquarters now thanks to the Performance & Capitol Wrestling Centers, and it’s already a tourist destination.

But I want to hear it from someone other than Naitch before I believe it.

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