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Kevin Owens would love a rematch with Goldberg ‘if he was here to work... but he’s not’

Last year, Bray Wyatt’s Universal title run was ended so that Goldberg could defend the title at WrestleMania.

Back in 2017, the same thing happened to Kevin Owens. Wyatt’s hinted at wanting to go another round with Goldberg. Would KO want the same thing?

Not really. Owens told Metro UK he’s not really interested in a rematch with the Hall of Famer. The style of match Goldberg works - and that they worked at Fastlane almost four years ago - just doesn’t interest him. Unlike guys like Bret Hart and Matt Riddle, he’s not criticizing Bill for that.

Just acknowledging it:

“I’d love to work with him again if he was here to work. I’m not saying this is his fault, but he’s not – his career has never been about long matches or anything like that. To me, I don’t see much positive out of wrestling him for two minutes, or 20 seconds or 30 seconds or whatever, you know what I mean?

“I’d love to work with him again if you got to do a story beyond – all we did was, what, two weeks, maybe three weeks? If we got to do some cool stuff, and some cool promos, exchange back and forth, and then have a quality match, that’d be great. But that’s just not usually what he’s here for.

“‘Look, it [Goldberg’s ‘smash and grab’ style] works. I’m not saying anything against that, it’s just not what I’m interested in. As a fan, I’ve never been interested in that stuff. Even when he was in WCW, I didn’t really like it. That’s just not what I look for in my wrestling.”

Goldberg’s choices for the handful of matches left on his WWE contract doesn’t include Owens either, so there’s probably not much risk of this being an issue.

Overall, wrestling’s a big tent with room for all kinds of styles. I’ve been known to enjoy the shock and awe of a Goldberg match, but wouldn’t want to watch a card full of them. KO’s is just one opinion in a world full of them, and he doesn’t present it as anything but.


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