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Stone Cold’s a member of the Pat McAfee fan club

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‘Pat McAfee’s badass,’ says Steve Austin. Gronk? Ehhh...

NFL All-Pro turned multimedia brand Pat McAfee has made quite an impression on the wrestling world this year with his run on NXT. Triple H, Shawn Michaels & their team are obviously fans. CM Punk was so taken by McAfee’s mic work he jumped on social media post-workout to discuss it.

Add Stone Cold to the list. While promoting season two of Straight Up Steve Austin, the Rattlesnake made the above appearance on ESPN’s Monday Tailgate yesterday (Dec. 15). He was asked to rate several football/wrestling crossovers, and McAfee topped the list.

“He puts it all on the line. He’s going for it. Basically, I think his verbal skills, he’s slaying everybody. But he’s not afraid to go out there and put it all on the line. So you wouldn’t expect that from a guy that kicks the football, but no - Pat McAfee’s badass. I think he’s doing a really, really good job. I give him a solid ‘A’.”

Former 24/7 champion Gronk and celebrity Rock impersonator George Kittle don’t do as well in Professor Austin’s grade book, each earning a ‘B+’.

They both fare better than this jabroni, though:

Complete ‘F’, and he should be glad Stone Cole wasn’t at that Tennessee Titans tailgate, or my man would definitely get the double birds and a stunner.

Who will be the next big name to sing Pat Mac’s praises? And when will see the man himself back on Wednesdays?

Stay tuned.