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Jaxson Ryker debuts alongside Elias on Raw

I guess that dry run on Main Event went well enough to convince WWE to stick with this pairing on a more permanent basis.

Jaxson Ryker first appeared alongside Elias just last week, his first time back in the promotion after he was exiled following the usage of his kayfabe catchphrase in pro-Trump tweets. He got a ton of heat for it, enough so that the group he was a part of, Forgotten Sons, disappeared altogether and the other members, Wesley Blake and Steve Cutler, distanced themselves from him publicly.

Those two have since reappeared as henchmen for Baron Corbin on Friday Night SmackDown. Now, Ryker is back as well, also working as a henchman for Elias.

Ryker actually got some mic time before all that, where he said he’s been reborn after hearing Elias’ music and now he’ll make sure no one can attack him. Naturally, he was immediately interrupted by 24/7 title hijinks, but at least Elias came out unscathed.

We’ll see where this goes in the weeks ahead.

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