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WWE’s holiday message is all about body slamming 2020

WWE releases a special “Happy Holidays” video every year on its YouTube channel. This year, one of the absolute worst years in most of our lifetimes, they put one out a little early to celebrate the fact that we’re finally coming to the end.

“Talk about a dumpster fire personified,” Michael Cole describes the cartoon blob that represents 2020 in the above video.

The WWE roster then takes turns putting the boots to it but 2020 just keeps coming back for more. There is no stopping it. Until, of course, 2021 shows up and that’s the end of 2020.

Time gets us all, folks.

Let’s hope next year holds better days for all of us. And if not, well, 2022 will be just around the corner to bodyslam 2021 — even if it doesn’t have help from the likes of Drew McIntyre and the rest of the WWE crew. It’s just the way of the road.

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