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Kevin Owens pitched multiple tag teams to WWE

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Here’s an interesting tidbit from Alex McCarthy of talkSPORT:

Obviously it isn’t possible for him to team with the likes of AJ Styles and Ali anymore, considering they’re both on Monday Night Raw and Ali is doing his thing as the leader of RETRIBUTION. But imagine what that could have done for Ali’s career before all that, and then consider that Owens was out there pitching it at all.

It says a lot about what he values in the professional wrestling space, and the fans are much better off for it.

The team up with Sami Zayn is almost inevitable, considering their history both in and out of WWE. As for Daniel Bryan and Apollo Crews there is at least the possibility. They’re on the same brand and Owens even asked Bryan about it on television, something one would think Vince McMahon wouldn’t want him doing if it wasn’t ever going to go anywhere.

For now, Owens will be challenging Roman Reigns for the Universal championship at TLC. Later, though?

We shall see.