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Lana cuts an actually good promo ahead of her title match at TLC

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This is actually really good stuff from Lana:

“The one thing that is not unusual is the usual whiners and complainers of the company going on social media, television, Raw Talk, saying my name, talking about me constantly, and saying I’m not prepared and I’m not ready for this match. The reality is I’m probably not ready for this match and I’m not as experienced, and I’m not as skilled as them. But I need to find out. I have gotten this opportunity to fight and I can’t let that moment pass me by. I’m going to fight for my life. At TLC I know I’m going to get this crazy ass whooping but at the same time it is the most happiest day of my life because I know in that moment when I stand in that ring amongst those champions I’m going to find out — do I belong or were they right about me all along? I need to find out. And, man, I need to know when that spotlight of a pay-per-view comes on, can a Total Divas, Tik-Tok dancing, social media influencer shed her skin and become champion? It’s terrifying.”

I still don’t agree with how WWE has booked Lana in its attempt to position her as a babyface. There’s a fine line between hurdles to be overcome and weakness mixed with incompetence. Here, she does a great job of toeing that line.

Maybe she’s not as good as Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax — in fact, we can be all but certain she’s not — but there’s at least some small chance she can surprise us and it’s up to WWE to book that properly by the time the match comes around. Otherwise, she’ll just go back to being what she was before all this.

An afterthought.

Either way, she’s created a bit more interest in her match, at least for me. That makes this promo a success. Hey, maybe she’s not as bad at this as so many have claimed.