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This was the coldest ish Roman Reigns has done yet

The version of Roman Reigns we’re currently being treated to has been modeled after an organized crime figure since shortly after his return at SummerSlam. With that comes themes like loyalty, and family.

We’ve seen how those play out with Jey Uso, someone who is actually Reigns’ blood relative. With the Kevin Owens feud, we’re seeing them play out across the wider WWE family. What that’s given us thus far has been captivating.

Roman’s extended his argument to apply to everyone working at the company. Yes, his success benefits Jey and the extended Anoa’i clan. But the wrestling business is built on the idea that having a strong draw at the top of the card means a bigger gate for everyone to split. So the more successful the Universal champ, the more money everyone on the roster is making.

His feud with KO has brought that business idea into kayfabe. Reigns is applying it the way Michael Corleone or Frank Lucas would. It leads to scenes like the chilling one from the Dec. 11 SmackDown embedded above. And to messages like this one the Tribal Chief tweeted after the show:

That’s good stuff. Cold blooded, but so good.

If there’s a problem, it’s where we go from here. Owens was already hot about Reigns talking about his wife & kids. All that got him was a beatdown. He’ll be even more pissed now that Roman is talking to his wife & kids. But how is he going to avoid another beatdown? Will the good guy get any measure of revenge, Pyrrhic or otherwise?

I think a lot of fans will be with me, watching to find out. Which is a victory for WWE.

And for the Head of the Table. Ruthless bastard that he is. But he’d just tell us he’s doing it for all of us.

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