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It rained solo cups during a match on SmackDown

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The Street Profits cut a promo just before Montez Ford’s scheduled match with Dolph Ziggler on Friday Night SmackDown this week, and the general theme of it was that the bad guys in this here feud said something to the effect of Ford and Angelo Dawkins being “too funny to draw money.” Naturally, they responded to this by threatening to part the skies and rain solo cups down mid-match.

Sure enough:

We’ve spent so much time arguing over Big E being too much of a comedian for a serious singles title run that we forgot about the two comedians who are currently champions in the tag team division.

For however long that lasts.

Indeed, Ford would lose this match and Ziggler & Robert Roode are clearly being positioned as the next challengers to the SmackDown tag team titles. We’re just a week away from TLC, so there may be a change sooner rather than later.

But, again, raining solo cups!

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