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Sasha Banks wouldn’t be surprised if she gets married to Bayley

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Sasha Banks and Bayley have been a focal point of WWE television for much of the pandemic era. They went from being best friends who were raking in all the gold, to bitter rivals trying to maim each other inside Hell in a Cell.

Banks sat down for an interview with Charlotte Wilder of Fox Sports for a chronological year-in-review discussion. While reflecting on her breakup with Bayley, Sasha was asked if there is any world where she and Bayley can be friends again. Here is Banks’ response:

“Knowing WWE, absolutely!...Of course we will be best friends, probably by tomorrow. It’s WWE. They’ll probably make us get married. Who knows?”

Banks knows what she’s talking about. Pro wrestling isn’t really all that different from a typical soap opera where every character goes through phases of love and hatred for each other over the years, and it can sometimes be wild to try keeping track of everyone’s relationship history. For example, Big Show may have set the record for most alignment switches in wrestling history, with well over 30 turns at this point. Good luck trying to document all of those changes.

Things can get wacky like that on an accelerated timeline in WWE. One day Murphy assists Seth Rollins in successfully extracting Rey Mysterio’s eyeball, and a few months later Murphy is dating Rey’s daughter and embraced by the Mysterio family. That’s just how it goes sometimes in WWE.

Sasha and Bayley have dealt with their own issues like this in WWE already. Just a couple years ago they were intensely beating the hell out of each other on Raw one week, then doing comedy segments with Dr. Shelby the following week. I don’t expect a quick fix to their problems this time, but it’s pro wrestling, so who really knows?

When do you think Sasha and Bayley will be best friends again in WWE?