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I’m pretty sure that Drew McIntyre will be suspended by WWE

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Braun Strowman nailed Adam Pearce with a headbutt two weeks ago, and it resulted in an indefinite suspension for The Monster. The announcement from WWE stated that Strowman was suspended for “putting his hands on WWE official Adam Pearce.”

On this week’s (Dec. 7) episode of Raw, a different WWE official was on the receiving end of a more damaging attack. Sheamus and Drew McIntyre were letting off some steam by brawling with each other backstage, when they crossed paths with Pat Buck. Buck got in the middle of the two men and told them to knock it off. They responded by beating Buck up, ripping his suit off, and slamming him through a conveniently located table nearby. That was enough to get the longtime friends back on the same page. McIntyre and Sheamus let out a smile and went out to get some pints.

As you can see from this brief Raw fallout video, five-time NWA World Heavyweight Champion Adam Pearce was not happy at all with Sheamus and McIntyre’s unacceptable conduct:

Their attack on Pat Buck clearly meets the criterion that was used to explain why Braun Strowman was indefinitely suspended two weeks ago. In a fair world, McIntyre and Sheamus would surely face the same (if not harsher) consequences for their actions, right?

Do you think WWE will move on from this angle without addressing potential repercussions for the WWE champion and his pal? Or will this attack result in a punishment that helps AJ Styles and/or The Miz gain a significant advantage over McIntyre with TLC 2020 coming up on Dec. 20?