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The Slammy Awards return this year

Earlier today, WWE Network put out a list of new content coming to the service during the month of December and there were a few nice surprises in there:

Drew McIntyre sitting down with Stone Cold Steve Austin sounds like a great way to continue getting the WWE champion over to the general public, considering he’s got such a great story. Goldberg’s streak is also a subject that will always fascinate me, considering when I came up as a pro wrestling fan.

But what stands out the most is the return of The Slammy Awards.

We don’t know an exact date, or if the show will be an entire special, just that we’re getting main roster year end awards in the form of Slammys once more. The last time WWE handed them out was back in 2015.

It’s been an interesting year, to be nice about it, so it should be equally fascinating to see how WWE puts this together.

Stay tuned.

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