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Former WWE exec answers questions about working with McMahons, Kevin Dunn

Kevin Quinn via reddit

Kevin Quinn is not a name I’d heard before yesterday (Nov. 30), when his son coaxed him into doing a reddit AMA (ask me anything) session. But the photo evidence he offered up looked sound, and internet research backs up the resumé snipped he posted...

I was a Sr. Editor, Director of Editing, Technical Director, Director and VP of TV Technology for WWE. I’ve spent over 35 years with WWE and I’ve recently been let go. I’m retiring from the biz and have some experiences I might be willing to share.

... so I think that makes his responses fair game for discussion on this here wrestling blog.

It’s clear some users were fishing for dirt, but KQ keeps it professional. But that’s not to say he doesn’t dish a bit. His answers provide a different perspective at life backstage in WWE than what we usually get from anonymous sources, folks still drawing a paycheck from Vince McMahon, or those who were unsatisfied with their time in the company. Here are the top answers, and ones that caught my attention.

Asked “Of Vince, Stephanie, and Triple H, who is the easiest to get along with?”

Quinn answered:

Stephanie was a dream to work with. She’d tell you what she wants, you tell her what you have to make it work and she’s thrilled with it.

“Is Vince really as crazy as rumours seen to insinuate or is it blown out of proportion? Any good Vince stories?”

Vince invited me and my wife to both of his kids’ weddings. He loves the people that help him take care of the company. He’s very personable behind the scenes. But business is business.

“Can you share the story of when Vince was maddest at you?”

During a WrestleMania press conference he wanted more crowd shots. I had to tell him we only had 2 cameras and the press people weren’t reacting the way he’d want to see. It was lose - lose.

“How much did you have to deal with Vince, and how much control or influence did he have over your day to day work?”

Vince has his say in every aspect of the productions. You made the project then it had to be ok’d by him.

“I wanted to ask about your thoughts on Kevin Dunn. How was Kevin to work with and how is he as a human being?”

I’ve known him longer than I’ve known my own wife. If you can figure him out you can work well with him and he appreciates you.

“The Kevin Dunn zooms. What’s up with that???” and “Please answer this. For the love of all that is this AMA, follow up to it: Has anyone ever said ‘Maybe less camera cuts...’?”

“More is less.”

“What’s the relationship typically like between the crew and the wrestlers? Any particular examples of good and bad interactions with some of the talent?”

The talent heavily relies on the production team to put them over. Almost never negative interactions.

“Which wrestler was the most polite to the “Techies”?

The Rock made a plaque that still hangs this day in the TV Production facility thanking all of the people behind the scenes that helped make him what he is.

“Can you reveal why you were released after so many years with the company?”

All covid. I have no issues with the company decision.

There’s more in the thread itself, including a lot of technical Q & A from other editors and audio/visual tech folks. Plus a few good wrestler stories (Lanny Poffo smells like lilacs and can apparently ████ ███ ███ ████)!

Anything here that changes your impression of life backstage at The ‘E?

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