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How Jeff Hardy was walking and talking after this bump, we’ll never know

Wrestling Observer Radio and PWInsider joined Fightful in reporting that Jeff Hardy was checked out and deemed “okay” after his match with Elias on Raw last night (Nov. 30). Dave Meltzer said on WOR that “there was an expectation that Hardy suffered a concussion,” which is an expectation everyone who saw the spot had, but Jeff was apparently checked and not diagnosed with one.

On television, we saw Hardy play the tambourine to celebrate his win and get to his feet. Backstage, he even did this interview:

So while it’s possible concussion symptoms could occur days or weeks after the incident which causes the traumatic brain injury, hopefully Hardy’s superhuman invulnerability has saved him again.

Which leaves us to safely marvel at HOW IN THE HECK DID HE WALK AWAY FROM THIS!?!?

The theory I’ve heard that makes the most sense is that because Jeff’s hips hit Elias and the table first, his momentum was slowed enough so that his head merely bumped the steel step instead of smashing into them.

Still looks painful, and we haven’t heard anything specific about Elias’ status, so hopefully he wasn’t injured anywhere in this Symphony of Destruction.

Other than that... Jeffrey Nero Hardy, y’all. There’s nothing else to say.

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