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A clip on tie cost Drew Gulak the 24/7 championship

Drew Gulak, a true professional wrestler who is always thinking of the right approach to any competitive situation, attempted to join The Hurt Business on Monday Night Raw this week. He was turned down, for reasons that aren’t entirely clear to me, and then it was found out he was wearing a clip on tie.

He explained this was a tactical decision — after all, as the 24/7 champion he knows his best chances of keeping that title were to always be ready to make a quick escape. Unfortunately, The Hurt Business took his fashion faux pas as disrespect and they laid him out, which provided all the opening R-Truth needed:

I love R-Truth, and he should absolutely be 24/7 champion far more often than he’s not, but the fact that a tactical tie cost Gulak his title just feels bad.

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