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Longtime ring announcer Tony Chimel released in WWE’s latest cuts

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WWE’s financials continue to look good. But heading into their eight month without touring, and with no clear indication of when they’ll get back on the road, PWInsider reports the company recently made some staff cuts. Wrestling Observer has confirmed the story.

Of those let go, the name most fans will recognize is ring announcer Tony Chimel. In addition to having been with the company since 1989, when he started as a part-time member of the ring crew, Chimel was the ring announcer for SmackDown from its inception until he was briefly moved to WWE’s version of ECW. During that time he “feuded” with Mr. Kennedy (now Anderson) over how to properly introduce the former Money in the Bank winner. He also became associated with Edge in a running gag about how Chimel’s voice would crack when he drew out the “Super” in “Rated-R Superstar”.

In 2015, Chimel moved to house shows and took a role in production & overseeing ring crews.

As mentioned above, it’s believed most of this latest round of cuts are related to live events. Derek Casselman, who’s been with WWE since 1993 and whose title was Director of Venue Merchandise and Remote Operations, is another name reportedly in what Dave Meltzer of the Observer called “a small group” of releases.