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Jey Uso apologizes to Daniel Bryan, hasn’t spoken to his brother since falling in line with Roman Reigns

The family drama between Universal champion Roman Reigns - who’s been a ruthless prick since returning at SummerSlam - and his cousin Jey Uso has been one of the more compelling WWE programs in recent memory.

A conversation Jey had with Kayla Braxton on her Instagram feed adds layers to the story. Specifically, Uso talks about the Fri., Oct. 30 episode of SmackDown where he proved to Reigns he was “falling in line” with the Tribal Chief after losing their match at Hell in a Cell. Proof he delivered with a violent beatdown of Daniel Bryan:

“These past couple of months, everybody saw what was going down... Fall in line, man. I lost two big pay-per-views to him [Roman Reigns]. This goes deeper than what it is on TV, man. So, my actions last week - man, I’m sorry, Daniel Bryan. I’m sorry to his family... I’m also sorry to my family. Daniel Bryan was really, really at the wrong place at the wrong time, for real. It could’ve been anybody. It could’ve been any body. So, the oath is real, man. I faced the consequences. I told him, I never run from them. Imma a face ‘em. I know what I was getting into, but this is it. This is the game we play...

“It really felt like that whole night on SmackDown felt like two hours? Two years, man. It’s like a double-edged sword, you know, I’m in that position trying to fight from under, and you got the whole world saying I don’t belong there. You got the whole world talking a whole bunch of crap like I’m not the guy supposed to be running with this thing, and now we give the world what they want to see and now the whole world, ‘Oh, why you do that? Why you do that?’ Man, y’all don’t know what the hell you want, but I know I gotta do what I need to do to provide for my family. And that’s the number one - that’s been the goal since I came in there.

“And, man, if this is how it’s gotta be, then this is how it’s gotta be. It’s a shark-eat-shark world that we live in in professional wrestling. They know what it is, man. There’s no friends. He said it. Only believe half what you hear, man. That stands for real. And if I’m going to stick with somebody through this whole journey, and through this game to get me through, man, it’s gotta be my family. Even though I do not like it. Like I said, Daniel Bryan, I’m sorry, Brie [Bella], I’m sorry. I’m sorry to everybody that had to see that live, man. If y’all keep damn testing me, this is what you’re going to get, bro...

“I haven’t talked to him [Jimmy] at all. I’m pretty sure he’s got something to say to me man, but I’ve got something to say to him too. I’ve got something to say to his ass too. Two times I had to duck, I had to take the low route, man, for him, and he know me, man. I’m the hard-headed one out of all three of us. Roman know me. He know I - I was ready to die on my shield that night. Clash of Champions and Hell in the Cell, everybody saw that, man. But there is only so much I can keep doing, until I just keep getting beat down and beat down. I’m really tired of getting my ass whooped in front of the whole world to see, and everybody thinks it’s a damn game! It’s not, man, because I’m the one going home, and my wife and my kids are looking at me in a bad attitude because I’m broke and beat up. Man, no more of that. Now, I might as well just join the team, you know. I might as well - we’ve always been a squad. That’s the thing. This time, I just wanted to try it my way. Unfortunately, I gotta damn fall in line.

“I don’t like it. It’s half-and-half. I really don’t like it. Like I said, I’ve been thinking about Daniel Bryan this whole time, man. ‘Oh, why did I,’ or ‘he didn’t deserve that.’ He didn’t deserve that. But man, you was in the way uce. And then when you watch this, I’m sorry - when you bounce back and get strong and heal up bro, I’ll be here. I’ll be waiting on you, uce. But I’m pretty sure the Big Dog will be there too. But come correct, man, come ready uce. We ain’t playing no more over here, no more games over here, man.”

When Jey tried to do an interview on the most recent SmackDown, Paul Heyman shut it down because Roman hadn’t approved it. This seems like what we would have gotten had the Tribal Chief not instructed his counsel to cut Uso off.

I’m glad we got it somewhere, because this is excellent stuff that makes Jey’s “turn” much more nuanced and interesting. Very excited to see how Bryan reacts when he’s done selling that beatdown, and to hear from Jimmy.

No wonder ratings are up on Friday nights!

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