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Did Dana Brooke and Batista ever go on that date?

WWE’s The Bump on Twitter

In the simpler time known as 2019, Dana Brooke and Dave Bautista exchanged some flirtatious tweets that got the internet buzzing. Their double entendres were flying as The Animal offered pointers to the fitness competitor-turned-wrestler on power bombs, and Brooke said their busy schedules was the main obstacle to taking things further.

So, whatever happened?

Forbes’s Alfred Konuwa got the scoop:

“We went out, we were great, great, great friends, we’ve been to the Meat Market down in Tampa, we go to [Edison], also in Tampa, so we kept in great contact. There’s always been interest between Dave and I as far as friendships and everything. We share a lot in common as far as being in the business and outside, and being very passionate about giving back and charity work as well. It’s just with my schedule being so so busy, and Dave doing a lot of movies, our times are very limited. But we still communicate, we still talk on a regular basis, my boyfriend now [Uly Diaz] and him also have a lot in common as far as the fight game goes.”

That’s a pretty cool - and surprisingly wholesome - conclusion to that angle.

Would I have popped for Dana & Dave falling in love and blessing the world with gorgeous powerlifting pro wrestling with acting chops? Sure. But we all need all the friends we can get, and I just like thinking about these two texting each other about rescue dogs.

Unfortunately, now we have to go back to 2020 though.

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