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More Billie Kay, please

Billie Kay got all of 30 seconds of airtime on this week’s episode of Friday Night SmackDown and she managed to be the best thing about the entire show:

There’s so much to like about this clip: the way she slides in laughing along with everyone else, the abrupt stop, the fact that she calls them “Mr. Profits,” the serious glare she gives them for that hilarious second after calling them that, the way she looks from side to side when she reveals she has inside info about the red brand, the fact that she’s offering this up at all, the way she pushes her face at Montez Ford when she puts the added emphasis on the fact that she was a member of the Raw roster, that glorious look of absolute glee when Angelo Dawkins calls out her name, that sound she makes when he reminds her they were on Raw at the same time she was, her thoughtful expression when pondering what to do next; she was just so, so good here.

This was fun, and we need a lot more fun on WWE television.

More Billie, please.

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