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Raw books final Survivor Series qualifier, Drew’s Moment of Bliss for Nov. 9

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WWE’s Twitter

WWE announced two segments for Monday’s Raw during SmackDown last night (Nov. 6).

One focuses on a story which is likely to continue past Survivor Series, while the other has immediate bearing on Nov. 22’s “battle for brand supremacy.”

Drew McIntyre is focused on getting his WWE title back from Randy Orton. Bray Wyatt has made it clear Orton still has to pay for his sins from their last feud in 2017. Can McIntyre and Wyatt work together, or at least stay out of each other’s way? We’ll get some indication of the answer to those questions after Drew visits with Bray’s new partner Alexa Bliss on Nov. 9’s “A Moment of Bliss”.

And the three men who lost Survivor Series qualifying matches will get another chance to make the team in a Last Chance Triple Threat. Jeff Hardy, Riddle, and Elias fight for the right to join the men who beat them (AJ Styles, Sheamus, and Keith Lee, respectively) and Braun Strowman on Team Red. Hardy and Elias played a role in each other losing their initial qualifiers, and Jeff just defeated Elias in a Guitar on a Poll match last week.

WWE’s Twitter

Obviously they’ll need a lot more to fill a three hour show, but these seems like a good start.

Let us know what you think, Cagesiders?