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WWE SmackDown results, recap, reactions (Nov. 6, 2020): The curse is broken

I only knew today was Friday because of this show.

Well, it took a few years, but the curse is finally broken.

This is the main portion of my recap really because it’s about damn time Sasha defends a title successfully. I popped for the finish!

It’s vindication for all of Sasha’s fans over the years who have waited so long for this moment. And to be honest, I really thought we were getting another bait and switch like last month on the draft show.

And then Carmella came out and attacked Sasha after the match as she celebrated on the stage. That was a bit odd. Carmella has been cutting promos in vignettes talking about being this new untouchable Carmella, but she came out and did exactly what she’d normally do - minus moonwalking. Um… okay?

I’m not feeling too badly about Carmella being Sasha’s next feud, but… why? What has Carmella done besides what she just did on this show to deserve a title match? This is really bringing me back to most of Drew McIntyre’s title run, accepting any challenger who did absolutely nothing to deserve title matches.

Please do not let Sasha’s title run be that, too.

Family matters

The arc of the show was all about cementing Jey Uso’s heel turn.

Let me say, I do now think this is a heel turn, but it’s clear that there’s layers.

Kevin Owens tried to joke with Jey about getting Roman Reigns coffee, and Jey wasn’t happy about it. Owens said it was a joke and walked off. Then Jey went to get interviewed by Kayla Braxton, when suddenly Paul Heyman appeared and said Reigns didn’t clear Jey for an interview.

When Heyman brought Jey to Reigns, Reigns told him that disrespect to Jey is disrespect to him, which is disrespect to the bloodline. So that meant Owens needed to be dealt with. I liked this because Reigns is just a friggin badass right now. He is in control, and it seems not just of the bloodline. He had Heyman cowering in fear after he found out Paul knew about Jey making moves without his consent.

Before the match, Owens cut a great promo about how when he was being bad and doing things for his family, it was because of his doing, not following someone’s orders. Jey started kind of at half throttle, until Heyman made his presence at ring side.

Then, Heyman came out, and Jey showed his bad self.

Jey did the ol’ distraction low blow! Now that’s evil, considering his history with that. That gave him the win, and approval for the Tribal chief. Said Tribal chief then came out to show his approval of Jey winning the match.

I see what they’re doing here. I love it. Jey is forced to do Roman’s bidding so that his positioning in the family remains. He has to do this and hype himself up so that Roman sees that he’s genuine. I can’t wait to see what happens when Jimmy is back. I think they’re doing this a lot better than whatever the hell they’re doing with Rollins and Murphy.

The Rest

King Corbin def. Rey Mysterio - Corbin had been off of television since the draft so I was kind of hoping that the King gimmick would fade away and classify itself as obsolete. Also, when was the last time Rey Mysterio wrestled someone else outside of the Rollins/Murphy storyline? My goodness it’s been… a while. Naturally because Rey was in the ring, that meant Rollins just had to be present. Nothing about this was exciting. Baron Borebin is back and screw this Mysterio family shit. It’s beyond beaten to death.

Ruby Riott def. Zelina Vega and Natalya - Zelina was smart and tried to pin Natalya as she had Ruby in a submission and forced her to let go of the pin. It was a fun visual. And then brilliantly Ruby submitted Zelina as Natalya locked Zelina in a sharpshooter. Fine. Natalya looked real dumb letting that sharpshooter go.

Seth Rollins def. Otis - The highlight of this match, and the only thing I really care about, is the absolute L-O-L moment when Corey Graves told Cole, when Murphy and Otis were staring at each other, that it was like Murphy looking into a funhouse mirror. HAHAHAHA!!! I was howling. That’s all. Nothing else matters.

Apparently Murphy is re-joining Rollins, but then told Aalyah to trust him, because he was doing it for the greater good. Whatever man. Just end this shit already.

Lars Sullivan speaks again - and he shouldn’t. He really, really shouldn’t. Just bad.

Billie Kay is back to being awesome - The segment started with Street Profits trying to get a scoop on how to beat New Day from Big E, who’s been mysteriously absent for the past two weeks. E told them if they just laid down, Woods and Kofi wouldn’t hurt them as badly, and then they all had a hearty laugh.

In came Billie Kay. I love her and I’m glad to see her back in her comedic role. She walked up to the Street Profits and tried to give them a headshot to apply as their manager. Billie Kay is awesome. Please don’t do something stupid, WWE.

The show went by pretty quickly, though half of it was dumb. What the hell was with every single men’s singles match having someone come from the back and interfere in some way? Too. Many. Distractions. Stop. It. I. Can’t. Stop. Typing. Like. This. Help.

Grade: C+

On a serious note, I know so many people are feeling pretty crappy this week, and I hope that I can provide some actually good distraction (unlike WWE’s type) for you if you’re feeling down. I’m feeling it too, y’all. I love you. We’ll get through this together.

What were your thoughts, Cagesiders?

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