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Jeopardy! champ celebrates in the form of Adam Cole BAY BAY

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Next time somebody finds out you’re a wrestling fan and hits you with some “you know it’s fake, right?” or “I used to watch that when I was a kid” condescension - take solace in the many crossovers between our beloved pastime and the celebration of people knowing things known as Jeopardy!

We’ve had wrestling-related categories on at least two recent episodes, and who can forget James Holzhauer dropping the “Steiner math” promo on Brad Rutter & Ken Jennings ahead of the Greatest of All Time tournament.

Now we have reigning champ Devin Rossiter, or as I like to call him, the newest member of Undisputed ERA.

So yeah... if wrestling is dumb, how come so many smart people like wrestling, huh?