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WWE’s new video game includes real-time strategy elements

WWE has announced a new mobile video game that will be launching in December: WWE Undefeated.

You can watch the trailer above, and read the following description on what this game will be like:

WWE Undefeated, the latest WWE mobile game featuring real-time, head-to-head competition, will release worldwide on Thursday, Dec. 3 for iOS and Android devices. Featuring WWE Superstars and Legends, WWE Undefeated blends over-the-top action with real-time strategy gameplay.

Developed by nWay, the developer and publisher of hit multiplayer games such as Power Rangers: Legacy Wars and Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid, WWE Undefeated features quick-session matches designed for mobile devices, set against exotic backdrops from around the world. Players can compete head-to-head in real-time with live opponents while experiencing the action, signature moves, and larger-than-life Superstars synonymous with WWE.

Players can pre-register to unlock special rewards, including AJ Styles, by visiting”

The announcement states that the game includes real-time strategy elements. I’m not super well-versed in real-time strategy games, but my understanding is that they usually involve positioning of units, gathering resources, giving orders, and conquering your opponent’s territory. I don’t really get any of those vibes from watching that trailer, but like I said, I’m not the most experienced gamer in that genre (especially on a mobile platform). Perhaps a few Cagesiders will be nice enough to let me know in the comments what the real-time strategy elements look like for this game.

Does WWE Undefeated seem like an interesting concept to you, or will this one be a pass?

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