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CM Punk & others react to Chris Jericho’s bad election tweet

The 2020 United States presidential election is the number one story in the news this week, for obvious reasons. The votes that are currently being counted in key states like Nevada, Georgia, Arizona, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania will determine whether Donald Trump or Joe Biden wins the election.

The health dangers of the coronavirus pandemic resulted in an unprecedented amount of mail-in voting for this election, and mail ballots take longer to process than in-person ballots. If you were following the details of each state’s separate laws ahead of the election, you knew that Florida was allowed to process mail ballots early, while states like Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan would be among the slowest to count every such vote.

President Trump is trying his best to undermine public confidence in the election results. His behavior is inappropriate and dangerous, to say the least. Chris Jericho’s bad election tweet fed into that nonsensical narrative, regardless of his intentions. He was rightfully called out for his tweet by MVP and others.

The reactions continue to come in from other pro wrestling personalities. First, there’s CM Punk mocking Jericho’s claim about not being a political person:

Tucker then chimed in, explaining that the pandemic and individual state laws created this expected situation where it’s taking some time to count every vote. It’s common sense:

Eli Drake said it takes time to settle a close election, it’s dangerous to provoke confusion about the legitimacy of the process, and this is not the time to blindly follow a political figure:

Finally, Peter Rosenberg just isn’t here for this nonsense during a global pandemic:

Jericho then acknowledged that we’ve experienced very close presidential elections before:

Now back to your regularly scheduled Constitutional Crisis.

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