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The Jeff Hardy/Elias feud ends with a Symphony of Destruction

In a rare example of storyline continuity from WWE, Elias returned from injury gunning for Jeff Hardy because he believed, wrongly, as it turned out, but that doesn’t matter, that Hardy was responsible for taking him out of action when he was hit by a car Hardy was allegedly driving. That all went down when Sheamus was trying to get Hardy jammed up for being “a junkie.”

Again, it wasn’t true, but when Elias came back he treated it like it was and embarked upon a feud with Hardy. They’ve been doing at it for the past month, coinciding with Elias’ latest album release. It’s only natural, then, that music has been incorporated into the program.

That reached its apex on Monday Night Raw this week in the form of a “Symphony of Destruction” match. It was billed as the final showdown between the two.

They were interrupted by some 24/7 title shenanigans:

But generally had a fun match with a lot of musical equipment involved. In the end, Hardy went all out to win the match with a Swanton through a table on the outside, hitting his head on the steps in the process. It looked bad! He seemed to be okay, but that’s something to keep an eye on moving forward.

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