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Liv Morgan has big fans backstage at WWE

Liv Forever, the new WWE Network special on Liv Morgan which premiered this weekend, is the latest example of how good the company’s Documentary Films team is at their job.

The 45 minute short film is a compelling look at the journey a young fan with a rocky home life took to becoming a WWE Superstar. It’s never critical of the company, but it does give us some glimpses into how frustrating it must be for talent when last minute changes are the norm and communication with them isn’t a priority. We see that primarily here in documenting Morgan’s 2019 singles relaunch on Raw, which looks like it was just as confusing for her as it was for viewers.

We also learn more about the 26 year old’s support system, which goes well beyond her Riott Squad-mates Ruby Riott and Sarah Logan. Ember Moon is shown working with Liv on multiple occasions - including one heartbreaking instance where she was ready to debut her solo act only to have their match canceled seconds before walking through the curtain. Drake Maverick is seen providing her with veteran counsel after she was split from the Squad. Morgan described her WrestleMania 36 opponent Natalya as a mentor.

Nattie isn’t the only locker room leader singing Liv’s praises. Bayley is shown talking about how impressed she was by the way Morgan handled being moved away from Riott & Logan:

“She’s not lost. You’d think she’d be lost without The Riott Squad, but she’s not. She seems even more focused, and I like it. She seems really like she knows where she’s going - she’s got direction now. Before she could be reliant on the girls, but now she’s very focused to herself.”

And we’ve heard in the past that Liv, like Bianca Belair, was a Paul Heyman Gal. Here he explained his vision for her character:

“What did I see in Liv Morgan? A confused kid who can’t find her way in life, that has dreams that are defined in her head that she can’t articulate or convey to her friends or the masses, but is chasing an indescribable dream that only she herself can truly understand.

“And there are so many people out there just like that. My daughter is a teen and she always tells me, ‘stop trying to define me,’ and that’s what we as an entertainment company try to do. We try to define every character with absolutes. And here is the exception that defines a rule. Because Liv can’t be defined, and she doesn’t want to be. Because no one that age wants a label placed on them.”

Heyman also praised Morgan’s work in the Lana/Bobby Lashley wedding segment. It didn’t work for me, but hey, it worked for the man who wrote it.

Another Liv fan revealed himself on social media after Liv Forever was released. Sami Zayn is only briefly seen in the special, the recipient of this rib from the documentary subject. He shared that GIF, and a cool “what if?” idea he pitched I’ll forever wish we’d gotten to see:

Morgan is back with Ruby now, and hopefully on her way to where Bayley, Heyman, and Zayn see her.

She’s won a lot of folks over at this point in her still-young career. If that’s any indication of her prospects, I like her chances of reaching the top.

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