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‘Symphony of Destruction’ set for Raw

Sadly, I don’t think Megadeth will be involved. Just Elias and Jeff Hardy trying to cream each other with musical instruments.

Building off their “hot” angle on last week’s Main Event (Elias played a concert while Jeff beat Ricochet), WWE has announced Jeff Hardy and Elias will do battle in a Symphony of Destruction match on Raw tonight (Nov. 30).

Get ready to sway to the symphony of destruction once again.

Jeff Hardy and Elias will aim to settle their score this Monday on Raw with musical instruments surrounding the ring in a Symphony of Destruction Match. We have seen the kind of carnage that this match environment can produce before, with guitars, drums and even cellos becoming instruments of pain, and with Hardy seemingly more aggressive than ever before, that tradition is almost certain to continue.

Will Elias force Hardy to accept the “Universal Truth” of his superiority, or will The Charismatic Enigma play Elias off the stage once and for all?

This sounds like the kind of thing that would blow off what’s been a pretty lackluster feud (actually, the Guitar on a Pole on Nov. 2 probably should have ended it, but...). With Hardy involved and TLC only weeks away, however, don’t be surprised if they find a way to continue it until Dec. 20.

We’ll see where it leads when the Symphony of Destruction joins the Keith Lee/AJ Styles/Riddle #1 contender Triple Threat and Randy Orton on “A Moment of Bliss” on tonight’s show.

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