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WWE Raw viewership reaches a new low

This week’s episode of Monday Night Raw had no real hook to it, nothing major WWE was promoting in the build up to it, and television is now focused on building to meaningless interbrand matches at Survivor Series later this month. It also came just one night before the Presidential election.

It’s no surprise, then, that viewership was some of the lowest in the history of the show.

Raw drew 1.66 million viewers this week, with a notably big drop in the third hour:

Hour one: 1.77 million
Hour two: 1.75 million
Hour three: 1.46 million

That would indeed be the least watched hour in the history of the program. There was, of course, a football game that went down to the wire and averaged over 11 million viewers for ESPN, which certainly doesn’t help matters. But put simply, WWE just isn’t offering compelling television right now, and they certainly aren’t making any stars.

Get results and the live blog from Raw this week here. Read a recap of all the night’s events here. For highlights from the show click here.

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