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WWE selling RETRIBUTION merch is dumb, but these do look cool

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It’s been pointed out many times how WWE’s screwed the pooch if they wanted RETRIBUTION to come off as an actual anarchist faction looking to destroy the company. It’s not only a lost cause, it was never actually a battle. Mustafa Ali, T-BAR, MACE, RECKONING and even our beloved SLAPJACK are WWE Superstars, assigned to Raw, honoring the brand split, etc, etc, etc.

Their getting merchandise at WWE Shop dot com is the latest on the list of “dumb ways to present agents of chaos hell bent on destroying their capitalist masters.” But here we are.

WWE Shop

At least they’re using it in the work. And have a sense of humor about it...

And honestly, my man T is right. These are pretty slick...

WWE Shop
WWE Shop
WWE Shop

Are they slick enough to get you to help fund RETRIBUTION?

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