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Who is Angel Garza’s mystery admirer?

Or is he the admirer, and they’re the admired? It’s hard to tell.

Since defeating his former tag partner Andrade on Draft night, Angel Garza’s been working Main Event and flirting with ladies backstage at Raw.

On Nov. 2, he got some promo time to... flirt with a faceless person on Raw.

It’s good that he’s getting an angle, and we wrestling fans love a good mystery. So let’s guess who’s giving Angel butterflies in his tummy, and vice versa.

Is it Charly Caruso? Aside from The Bachelorette’s Demi Burnett, Charly is the woman Garza’s been the most amorous around. The backstage interviewer & hostess said WWE just dropped the angle. Maybe they’re picking it back up?

Maybe it’s Mandy Rose? He was spitting game at Otis’ girl last week. And maybe the rose offering is literal. Although that could just mean Burnett is coming back, roses being part of that reality franchise’s whole gimmick.

A theory I saw online somewhere that I could really get behind... what if this is a way to introduce NXT’s Raquel González as the Chyna to Garza’s HBK? The Latina hoss just put over Rhea Ripley at Halloween Havoc. Maybe that was her swan song on the black-and-gold brand?

Those are just my guesses, Cagesiders. If my performance in the site’s regular PPV predictions tell us anything, it’s that they’ll probably be wrong.

So give us yours! Who is Angel Garza’s mystery admirer and/or admiree?

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