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I sure do hate this Lacey Evans/Peyton Royce story

WWE’s break-up of IIconics a couple months ago never made any sense. That was compounded when Peyton Royce was put in an odd couple tag team with Lacey Evans on Raw after Billie Kay was shipped off to SmackDown in the Draft.

And, yes, there’s still the glimmer of the hope I wrote about then. All three women have been on television, which is good if you’re a fan of any of them. One possible, maybe even likely, outcome of the Evans/Royce team is that a feud between will leave the winner primed to move up the ladder toward a title shot.

But who knows what’s happening? It was very hard to tell from WWE’s Nov. 2 programming.

On Raw, Lacey & Peyton got an inset promo which painted a very different picture from where they were in October. The duo appeared to be on the same page, high-fiving one another for their zingers about Lana and the red brand’s Survivor Series team.

But social media told a different story...

... and that story continued during a trainwreck of an appearance on Raw Talk. There, the duo gagged about the idea of teaming together while Lacey continuously talked over Peyton. The idea was sound, but the execution was horrible. It didn’t do anyone any favors, but at least it could set-up that feud we mentioned above. Who knows if it even matters though? The fact it was relegated to the show that isn’t as heavily scripted could mean they’ll be high-fiving each other again the next time we see them on TV.

As Mustafa Ali said when he joined Charly Caruso & R-Truth after Royce & Evans left, “I just lost brain cells watching those two past guests you just had on here talking about - what?”

I’ve got no problem with being worked for a story, and can certainly accept that all stories aren’t for me. I’m also a big Peyton Royce, Billie Kay & IIconics fan, so this isn’t an objective take.

But whatever they’re doing with Evans & Royce, they’re not doing it consistently, or well. The women don’t appear to have a ton of chemistry. Why should we invest in this angle when it doesn’t seem like WWE is?

I sure do hate it.

What do you think?

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