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WWE Raw results, recap, reactions (Nov. 2, 2020): Pain

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Man, that title could be a metaphor for a number of things right now.

In this case, it describes what the star of this show, Alexa Bliss, wants The Fiend to do to Randy Orton.

Orton started the show by saying he’s better than the best in WWE, which makes him a legend. As a legend, he wants a challenger, and he called out anyone in the locker room to come out.

So out came Alexa Bliss. She stood there and put her chin in her gloves, and let’s talk about those gloves for a second. They’re white gloves with the words “Play” and “Pain” written on them in black letters. She had a smile on her face and wiped it away quick as she left the “Pain” glove on her chin, and then the Fiend music played.

Instead, Drew blindsided Orton and then Miz and Morrison came out and Miz tried to cash in, but Drew stopped him. Man, I thought for a second Drew would let Miz cash in and then attack him after the bell rang so he’d lose his match and we’d be done with the briefcase. Oh well! How stupid does Drew look now? We know who Miz is cashing in on now!

But then later came the Firefly Fun House that was the highlight of the show.

Bray and Alexa were together and today’s episode was about the letters R,K, and O, and Abby said Orton can go f himself. Alexa told Abby to put money in the swear jar. Bray said Orton was a very bad man, once upon a time, but the past is in the past and from those ashes he was able to create a new world... and then we got flashes of Orton setting Bray’s home on fire from their feud years ago. I really love the way they film the Fun House when they get creative.

When Bray came to, Alexa wanted assistance with something new she’s been practicing, and the Heal glove went to her forehead. She revealed an icy glare and blood pouring out of her mouth. Bray responded with “Oh shit!”

I’ve seen a number of people say that Alexa’s role in this is demeaning and she’s playing second fiddle to Bray Wyatt. Let me give anyone who thinks this my perspective - Alexa isn’t second fiddle here, she’s the one pulling the strings. The Fiend is second fiddle and she’s in control. I think it’s brilliant. Not just that, but creatively stimulating for Alexa, too. She is a horror fanatic and this is right in her wheelhouse. Plus, it’s adding a new wrinkle to the Bray/Fiend/Fun House arc.

All of this has been great, and they even finally addressed the Bliss Cross Applesauce friendship when Nikki went to her later and she had that same icy stare. Will Nikki try to save her friend? I’m really digging this.

The Rest

Hurt Business def. New Day - What a breath of fresh air this match was. Loved the promo before, too. MVP is phenomenal and New Day play off of them really well. Wow was this match great. Xavier Woods is a wonderful babyface in peril and with their win, I’d love to see some red straps and big silver coins around Shelton’s and Cedric’s waists. Watch this one.

Jeff Hardy def. Elias - Guitar on a pole. Ridiculous. I’m beyond tired of this feud as I find it quite stupid how in kayfabe, no one has told Elias that Sheamus framed Jeff. What’s worse is that it won’t matter in the end, because even if Elias finds out, he won’t go after Sheamus. It’s just stupid and insulting to my intelligence. Elias also looked dumb bent over waiting for Jeff to hit him with the guitar. Looked like it hurt though, because that thing didn’t even crack.

Braun Strowman def. Keith Lee and Sheamus - AJ made this match as a qualifier for Braun to be on the team, but was worried about someone on his team getting hurt. That was smart, buddy! No one was asking “Where’s the beef?” after this bout. Keith Lee lifted Braun Strowman and Sheamus on his shoulders at the same damn time and hoooooly shit they could have done a believable ring collapse spot there. Sheamus was the right one to eat the pin here and he’s such a great brawler. They all attacked each other after the match because that’s Survivor Series!

How stupid is it that anyone would care about being the team captain, as if that means anything. Survivor Series doesn’t mean anything anymore. It’s a Raw vs. SmackDown show with no stakes and a bunch of fighting between team members. Survivor Series sucks now.

Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler def Mandy and Dana Brooke / Nia Jax def. Lana - I thought I had this one predicted accurately when Lana came out, but they used her to distract the referee more than the tag team champions. Lana looked stupid for just being within eyesight of Nia, but Nia spared her. As for Mandy and Dana, I believe this was their first loss, and this wasn’t it. All of these women are on one team at Survivor Series. Have I mentioned Survivor Series really sucks now?

Just kidding. Nia didn’t spare her.

Drew McIntyre def. Miz and Morrison - I wrote the part in bold before the match started. That match was too long and we all knew Orton was coming out at the end.

Bobby Lashley def. R-Truth / Drew Gulak def. R-Truth - Truth tried to plead with Lashley that no one needed to get hurt, but Lashley wasn’t having any of it. After the quick match, Gulak came in to pin Truth and Lashley put him into the Hurt Lock and then threw him on Truth and then he won anyway. Isn’t he a sweetheart?

Ricochet def. Tucker - Short and sweet with RETRIBUTION attacking both Tucker and Ricochet, and Ali told Ricochet that everyone must pay for their sins. Don’t exactly know what pure babyface Ricochet’s sins have been, but maybe we’ll find out next week?

See you guys later! I’m going to collect that rose that Angel Garza was giving me.

Grade: C

You’re reading this on Election Day in America. It’s an important day, folks. Go make your voices heard, if you haven’t already by mail. I love ya, no matter what.

What were your thoughts, Cagesiders?