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I hope this Keith Lee documentary doesn’t end in a disqualification

Keith Lee’s run on the WWE main roster includes way too many disqualifications, count outs, and no contests. WWE wants to protect him from looking weak, but it’s difficult for anyone to get over if most of their matches against the top stars have these kinds of underwhelming finishes.

That’s why I was curious to see how WWE would book the finish to Keith Lee vs. Bobby Lashley on the Nov. 23 episode of Raw. This one was interesting because Bobby Lashley simply doesn’t get pinned in singles matches ever since his WWE championship feud with Drew McIntyre ended at Backlash 2020 in June. So how did Lee vs. Lashley end? It ended with another underwhelming disqualification victory for Lee, of course. I just can’t figure out why WWE frequently books themselves into a corner with matches like this.

Despite this puzzling booking, Lee is doing pretty well on the WWE main roster, especially compared to most wrestlers who get called up from NXT. In fact, a new WWE 24 documentary was announced for Lee, which is pretty cool. You can watch the trailer below:

The main theme of the trailer is that Lee has been told “no” over and over again. He’s been told that he can’t wrestle the way he wants to wrestle, and that he doesn’t belong. So Keith Lee set out to do what he does best - prove them all wrong.

Will you be checking out Lee’s new documentary on Dec. 6?

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