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Sami Zayn’s countout strategy is not going to work against Big E

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Not counting the one time a year when the stars of Raw and SmackDown go head-tohead, Sami Zayn’s time as Intercontinental champion has shown him to be a wily competitor.

Maybe not a terribly honorable competitor, but a wily one.

His skills were on display again last night when he ended a battle with Daniel Bryan with a countout victory by beating DB back to the ring before the referee made it to ten. It was a race he started by retreating up the ramp and won thanks to Jey Uso attacking Bryan backstage... but a win is a win!

The man who emerged as Sami’s next challenger doesn’t think so, though. Big E says the Intercontinental champ sits on a throne of lies, and he proved to Zayn how painful a ten count can be...

So SmackDown baited us with a Sami vs. DB match, and turned it E vs. Sami with the road to DB vs. Roman Reigns peppered with Reigns vs. Kevin Owens and more Bryan vs. Uso.

I’ll take it. You?