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Paul Heyman & KO just sold the hell out of Reigns vs. Owens on Talking Smack

WWE Network’s Twitter

Like the weirdo I am, I spent my Saturday lunch hour watching Talking Smack. I’ve praised the rebooted post-SmackDown talk show before, but of late it’s turned too much into “Kayla Braxton deals with an obnoxious heel co-host” for my tastes. Still, it’s capable of delivering an interview that ticks all the boxes - building characters, advancing storylines, and being entertaining.

The show-closing segment of the Nov. 28 episode was one such interview. Turns out, today’s co-host Paul Heyman knew how good it was too, because he tweeted out his entire conversation with Kevin Owens. He could have saved me the other 18 minutes I spent watching the whole show, but it’s worth it because it means I can share these clips with you.

Heyman & KO are building off of last night’s SmackDown, of course, where Owens sent a message to Roman Reigns in the form of a steel chair beatdown of Jey Uso. They make it even more crystal clear a Universal title showdown is coming between the Tribal Chief and the Prizefighter. In the course of doing so, both men remind us that while he’s been keeping things light & loose as a babyface of late, Owens is a dangerous opponent who’s capable of doing whatever it takes to get what he wants.

It’s great stuff, with Heyman not only getting over Owens’ history as a ruthless, violent man, but also painting the picture of why this fight with Reigns is so important to the rest of his career. KO’s “Are you done?” after Paul’s typically verbose opening statement is fantastic, as is the way he turns a famous Reigns line around on the Head of the Table & his counsel:

“You know what I am, Paul? I’m not a good guy. I’m not a bad guy. I’m the guy that’s going to beat Roman Reigns and take the Universal Championship from him.”

Roman has made it clear all KO’s messages have been received...

Is it next Friday yet?

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