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Lars Sullivan, presumably off forcing someone to eat bugs, misses another SmackDown

When last we saw Lars Sullivan, he was explaining to Michael Cole how being bullied as a child caused him to turn into a bully himself. It was his second not-good interview segment in as many weeks, as WWE seemed determined to push the big man despite a recent accusation of online harassment (which followed the company fining Sullivan for past instances of racist statements).

That was three weeks ago, though. When Lars wasn’t booked for the Nov. 13 & 20 episodes of SmackDown, speculation was that WWE was holding him out until after Survivor Series. The theory was that since they had big plans for The Freak, they didn’t want him presented as an extra in the Kickoff battle royal or fodder for the elimination tag match.

But if that was the case, there wouldn’t have been any reason to hold him off last night’s episode. Big E is another name observers thought was on standby until after Survivor Series, and WWE found a way to keep him on television throughout the build to last Sunday’s PPV. They also quickly established a possible title program for him on Nov. 27’s fallout show.

Perhaps Lars’ segments have been a casualty of the last-minute scripting WWE’s allegedly been doing for SmackDown of late? If plans called for more sitdown interviews to build his character, there may not be time to set those up when they’re writing the show minutes before it goes live.

We’ll see if The Freak re-emerges again in the weeks to come. For now, we’ll just have to imagine he’s off somewhere, making a bully eat dirt, or glass, or bugs. That’s his passion, after all.

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